Pale Moon 24.3.0 released!

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Pale Moon 24.3.0 released!

Unread post by Moonchild » 2014-01-28, 14:29

Pale Moon 24.3.0 has been released, which is a major update to the browser with a large number of bugfixes and improvements.

Release notes for this version:

Changes and bugfixes:
  • New build: Atom-optimized Pale Moon
    After some thorough testing, the Atom/netbook builds are being released as final. These builds are specifically made for PCs with Intel Atom processors. More information can be found on the Atom builds page.
  • New feature: the title has been brought back to the title bar
    When using the Application Menu (Pale Moon button), the title bar of the browser window would be blank. Considering this is wasted space, the page title will now be displayed in the title bar again (it's called a title bar for a reason, after all!). Several different styles have been implemented to cater to different OS version layouts.
  • Removal of the services tab in the Add-on Manager
    It will be visible only if someone actually has a service extension installed (similar to how language packs work)
  • Improvement of UI consistency
    Removal of illogical selective hiding of the navigation bar and toolbars when in tabs-on-top mode (Add-ons manager, permissions manager, etc.). Browser chrome will now never be hidden.
  • Bugfix: When using the classic downloads window, downloads in private windows were not shown
    If you use the classic downloads window and would open a Private Browsing (PB) window, there was no easy way to see which downloads were done in the PB window. When checking the downloads, it would open up the (non-PB) classic downloads window which does not have downloads listed from the PB session. This has been fixed, and PB windows will now open a new tab in the PB window with the downloads from that private session.
  • Bugfix: Geolocation didn't work in Pale Moon
    This was caused by the Firefox standard geolocation provider (Google Inc.) now requiring an API key to request geolocation coordinates. Only official Mozilla Firefox builds will have working geolocation from Google.
    Pale Moon has switched provider to to address this issue, with the required re-write of code for the different type of request. More information in this thread.
  • Bugfix: The "More information" link for blocked add-ons didn't work
  • Bugfix: Certain scaled fonts would have malformed letters
    On Vista and later with hardware acceleration enabled, certain letters of some font families would become malformed and difficult to read because of a Direct2D scaling issue. These fonts should now render sharp and more legibly.
  • Romanian has been added to the status bar localizations
Bugfixes ported over:
  • 903274 - Have the search bar binding's initialization callback bail out if the binding is destroyed.
  • bug #951142 - Check for a close method to be present on the binding before invoking it.
  • bug #908915 - Fix compartment mismatch in shell decompileThis and disassemble functions.
  • bug #950909 - Forward native aggregation to the root XPCWrappedJS.
  • bug #937152 - Remove XPCWrappedJS::mMainThread and mMainThreadOnly.
  • bug #948134 - Fix "value is not defined" in PlacesDBUtils.jsm.
  • bug #822425 - Expose a few simple compartment assertions in jsfriendapi.
  • bug #932906 - Observer no longer called when using overlay
Security fixes:
  • Update of the NSS library to 3.15.4 RTM
  • bug #936808 - Serialize calls to PK11 routines in SSLServerCertVerification.
  • bug #945939 - Use the pre-split value when numbering values.
  • bug #911864 - Fix several XBL issues
  • bug #921470 - Remove hasFallbackStub_ check in resetMonitorStubChain.
  • bug #950590 - Use nsRefPtr for gfxFontGroup's reference to the user font set, and support changing it from canvas context.
  • bug #937697 - Simplify some BoundsCheckRange code.
  • bug #936056 - Be consistent about the thisobj we pass to getters.
  • bug #953114 - Fix GetElementIC typed array issue.
  • bug #937132 - SpiderMonkey: Check for overflows in LifoAlloc.
  • bug #932162 - Dispatch IndexedDB FileInfo releases to the main thread.
  • bug #951366 - Use AutoDetectInvalidation for disabled GetElement caches.
  • bug #950438 - IonMonkey: The intersection of two ranges that both contain NaN is not empty.
  • bug #950268 - Fix leak in nsCertTree::GetDispInfoAtIndex.
  • bug #932906 - Exempt Remote XUL from CanCreateWrapper checks.
  • bug #882933 - Copy treatAsRunOnce bit when cloning scripts, don't clone scripts unnecessarily for arrow lambdas.
  • bug #901348 - Duplicate symbol errors building --with-intl-api.
  • bug #925896 - Properly reference session data
  • bug #943803 - Use monitor instead of mutex locking for raster images
  • bug #942164 - Use weak references to imgRequest consumers
  • bug #947592 - Streamline ReportLoadError.
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