Profile link is broken

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Basilisk Hunter
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Profile link is broken

Unread post by Basilisk Hunter » 2022-10-05, 00:10

As the title says, no idea how this was not noticed, but the Profile link (the one that can be accessed by pressing on the dropdown menu with your Name in the top-right corner) points to the current page instead of the profile page. Quick search on the forum gave me the idea that this is not a bug but "feature" to combat spam in profile fields (not sure if that's the case, as then you'd probably block the fields not the page). Either way, if that's the bug then I've reported it, if that's the "feature" then at least make it point to a "custom page" with explanation that you have to be XYZ (x posts, x time, etc.) to access your profile.
P.S. By the way profile can still be accessed through User Control Panel.
Issue with prosilver SE (cool blue) theme. I've changed to pycode (dark theme) and it doesn't have the profile link at all.

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Re: Profile link is broken

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-10-05, 00:58

Viewing profiles is restricted (to prevent scraping). Newly registered users and guests (not logged in) are not allowed to access profile (display) pages.
This is by design in phpBB, so you should probably call it a feature.
Since phpBB 3, hacking the forum has become too complicated to bother with in most cases. Creating a "custom page" isn't really within scope for me just running the forum software; this reply will just have to suffice.
Basilisk Hunter wrote:
2022-10-05, 00:10
P.S. By the way profile can still be accessed through User Control Panel.
Of course, since that's guaranteed to be your own profile (edit page).
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