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Re: FreeBSD support

Unread post by Southern_Computer_Geek » 2023-02-04, 00:22

dbsoft wrote:
2023-02-03, 09:18
pteros wrote:
2023-01-30, 18:44
I'm using FreeBSD dayly on my computer (both home and at work). I'm trying Palemoon experimental downloaded from the link in the 32 milestone announcement and it works like a charm! :thumbup:
It can even use my previous bookmarks and passwords from the time PM had a FreeBSD maintainer!
Glad people are using it!
Greetings dbsoft! I tried your FreeBSD build and it's running great on FreeBSD 13! :D

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Re: FreeBSD support

Unread post by dtd283 » 2023-02-04, 16:23

I tried palemoon because Luciano Mannucci made a post to FreeBSD questions. To give context to my comments, FreeBSD is the only OS I use for work and have so so since version 6 or so. In reading through the posts I sorta got the idea that the palemoon developers consider the BSDs somewhat of an irritant, but Mr Mannucci asked for users so here am I. First it was trivial to install. I did so as non-root and it generally worked perfectly.

First I tried some simple sites which were great fast, not issues. Next I tried my bank who generally thinks windows is the only OS. Worked great no issues and fast than firefox. Next I tried a large and somewhat complex website that has a very large and full screen video on the home screen. Play was very choppy. Firefox was okay. Net I tried youtube both going directly and using the default page loop. That freezes.

FreeBSD is a small and their developers are not particularly desktop inclined. A mistake IMO. Apps like this would be great especially doing video.

I am using FreeBSD 12.3-RELEASE r371126 GENERIC amd64. On a Lenovo Ideapad 700.

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Re: FreeBSD support

Unread post by Moonchild » 2023-02-04, 16:54

dtd283 wrote:
2023-02-04, 16:23
In reading through the posts I sorta got the idea that the palemoon developers consider the BSDs somewhat of an irritant
Not really, but it does seem that the philosophies behind the BSDs (or at least OpenBSD) and Pale Moon don't really align in how software is branded, built and distributed. If we can just supply binaries like we're doing now, then there won't be much of an issue. BSD does require some code concessions but nothing if that is really an "irritant". At most it's some of the people involved who are the irritants ;-)
dtd283 wrote:
2023-02-04, 16:23
Play was very choppy.
Large-format video pretty much demands some form of hardware acceleration to not be choppy. Unfortunately I can't 9at all) help with HWA on BSDs as i have no knowledge of the way video is handled on BSDs.
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