Mojeek, Qwant

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Mojeek, Qwant

Unread post by carpet » 2022-06-30, 20:59

I'm just curious if Qwant was considered when choosing Mojeek and what were the advantages of Mojeek. I'm not necessarily suggesting Qwant and have nothing against trying Mojeek (hadn't heard of it before), I just know I've had excellent results with Qwant and they have their own indexing like Mojeek and their features are similar at least as far as listed here - ... ch_engines

so I was wondering if Mojeek has some advantage.

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Re: Mojeek, Qwant

Unread post by jobbautista9 » 2022-07-01, 03:01

Well Mojeek is accessible from every country, while Qwant is not (I can't access it here from the Philippines), so maybe that's why it's not included in the default search engines.
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Re: Mojeek, Qwant

Unread post by van p » 2022-07-01, 04:17

carpet wrote:
2022-06-30, 20:59
they have their own indexing
My understanding is that Qwant uses Bing, at least to some extent.

Edit: Qwant's privacy policy twice references Bing's privacy policy. Also, an announcement was made in 2019 about a partnership between M$ and Qwant, with Bing's algorithm mentioned in the announcement. Don't know if that's still in effect.
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Re: Mojeek, Qwant

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-07-01, 10:53

The whole point of adding Mojeek was to have an independent alternative search engine to DDG that does not track, does not apply censorship and is not relying on results that are censored or biased from an upstream. Qwant simply doesn't meet those criteria. The fact that they even block entire countries only compounds with it :P
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