How to delete uBlock Origin from PM

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How to delete uBlock Origin from PM

Unread post by puppyX » 2022-06-27, 15:49

Wanting to reset uBlock to default settings I opted to removing it and then reinstalling.

- Removed it from extensions

- user>appdata>roaming>moonchild productions>palemoon>profiles>########.default>extension data>ublock0.sqlite (deleted sqlite file)

- user>appdata>roaming>moonchild productions>palemoon>profiles>########.default>extensions> (deleted xpi file)

-Restarted computer (win 7 pro 64 bit) but with all that removed I assumed there would be no traces left. On reinstalling uBlock the update notifier still won't show when new updates are ready. auto updates are turned off but the 'update now' button used to turn yellow when new ones were detected.

What have I missed ?
Application Basics

Name: Pale Moon
Version: 31.1.0 (64-bit)
Build ID: 20220607120905
Update Channel: release
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:68.0) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/5.1 Firefox/68.0 PaleMoon/31.1.0
OS: Windows_NT 6.1
Safe Mode: false


Name: PDF Viewer
Version: 2.3.240
Enabled: true

Name: PMPlayer
Version: 1.7.1
Enabled: true
ID: {d952f8dd-f45c-4838-8e21-03c1f916883b}

Name: Self-Destructing Cookies for Pale Moon
Enabled: true
ID: {1607f7ec-8262-4016-b51f-f9f5b43d43f1}

Name: uBlock Origin
Enabled: true


Compositing: Direct3D 11
GPU Accelerated Windows: 1/1 Direct3D 11 (OMTC)
Asynchronous Pan/Zoom: none
WebGL 1 Driver WSI Info: EGL_VENDOR: Google Inc. (adapter LUID: 000000000002383c) EGL_VERSION: 1.4 (ANGLE 2.1.0.) EGL_EXTENSIONS: EGL_EXT_create_context_robustness EGL_ANGLE_d3d_share_handle_client_buffer EGL_ANGLE_surface_d3d_texture_2d_share_handle EGL_ANGLE_query_surface_pointer EGL_ANGLE_window_fixed_size EGL_ANGLE_keyed_mutex EGL_ANGLE_surface_orientation EGL_NV_post_sub_buffer EGL_KHR_create_context EGL_EXT_device_query EGL_KHR_image EGL_KHR_image_base EGL_KHR_gl_texture_2D_image EGL_KHR_gl_texture_cubemap_image EGL_KHR_gl_renderbuffer_image EGL_KHR_get_all_proc_addresses EGL_KHR_stream EGL_KHR_stream_consumer_gltexture EGL_NV_stream_consumer_gltexture_yuv EGL_ANGLE_flexible_surface_compatibility EGL_EXTENSIONS(nullptr): EGL_EXT_client_extensions EGL_EXT_platform_base EGL_EXT_platform_device EGL_ANGLE_platform_angle EGL_ANGLE_platform_angle_d3d EGL_ANGLE_device_creation EGL_ANGLE_device_creation_d3d11 EGL_ANGLE_experimental_present_path EGL_KHR_client_get_all_proc_addresses
WebGL 1 Driver Renderer: Google Inc. -- ANGLE (Intel(R) HD Graphics Direct3D11 vs_4_0 ps_4_0)
WebGL 1 Driver Version: OpenGL ES 2.0 (ANGLE 2.1.0.)
WebGL 1 Driver Extensions: GL_OES_element_index_uint GL_OES_packed_depth_stencil GL_OES_get_program_binary GL_OES_rgb8_rgba8 GL_EXT_texture_format_BGRA8888 GL_EXT_read_format_bgra GL_NV_pixel_buffer_object GL_OES_mapbuffer GL_EXT_map_buffer_range GL_EXT_color_buffer_half_float GL_OES_texture_half_float GL_OES_texture_half_float_linear GL_OES_texture_float GL_OES_texture_float_linear GL_EXT_texture_rg GL_EXT_texture_compression_dxt1 GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt3 GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt5 GL_OES_compressed_ETC1_RGB8_texture GL_EXT_sRGB GL_ANGLE_depth_texture GL_OES_depth32 GL_EXT_texture_storage GL_OES_texture_npot GL_EXT_draw_buffers GL_EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic GL_EXT_occlusion_query_boolean GL_NV_fence GL_EXT_disjoint_timer_query GL_EXT_robustness GL_EXT_blend_minmax GL_ANGLE_framebuffer_blit GL_ANGLE_framebuffer_multisample GL_ANGLE_instanced_arrays GL_ANGLE_pack_reverse_row_order GL_OES_standard_derivatives GL_EXT_shader_texture_lod GL_EXT_frag_depth GL_ANGLE_texture_usage GL_ANGLE_translated_shader_source GL_EXT_discard_framebuffer GL_EXT_debug_marker GL_OES_EGL_image GL_OES_EGL_image_external GL_NV_EGL_stream_consumer_external GL_EXT_unpack_subimage GL_NV_pack_subimage GL_OES_vertex_array_object GL_KHR_debug GL_ANGLE_lossy_etc_decode GL_CHROMIUM_bind_uniform_location GL_CHROMIUM_sync_query GL_CHROMIUM_copy_texture
WebGL 1 Extensions: ANGLE_instanced_arrays EXT_blend_minmax EXT_color_buffer_half_float EXT_frag_depth EXT_shader_texture_lod EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic EXT_disjoint_timer_query MOZ_debug_get OES_element_index_uint OES_standard_derivatives OES_texture_float OES_texture_float_linear OES_texture_half_float OES_texture_half_float_linear OES_vertex_array_object WEBGL_color_buffer_float WEBGL_compressed_texture_etc1 WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc WEBGL_debug_renderer_info WEBGL_debug_shaders WEBGL_depth_texture WEBGL_draw_buffers WEBGL_lose_context MOZ_WEBGL_lose_context MOZ_WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc MOZ_WEBGL_depth_texture
WebGL 2 Driver WSI Info: -
WebGL 2 Driver Renderer: WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.
WebGL 2 Driver Version: -
WebGL 2 Driver Extensions: -
WebGL 2 Extensions: -
Hardware H264 Decoding: No; Hardware video decoding disabled or blacklisted
Audio Backend: wasapi
Direct2D: true
DirectWrite: true (6.2.9200.23480)
GPU #1
Active: Yes
Description: Intel(R) HD Graphics
Vendor ID: 0x8086
Device ID: 0x0046
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 1-10-2012
Drivers: igdumd64 igd10umd64 igdumdx32 igd10umd32
Subsys ID: 215a17aa
RAM: Unknown

AzureCanvasAccelerated: 0
AzureCanvasBackend: direct2d 1.1
AzureContentBackend: direct2d 1.1
AzureFallbackCanvasBackend: cairo

Important Modified Preferences

browser.cache.disk.capacity: 358400
browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run: false
browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max: false true
browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion: 4 false false true
browser.startup.homepage: ... 1&kax=%2D1
browser.startup.homepage_override.buildID: 20220607120905
browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone: 5.1.0
browser.tabs.onTop: true
browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled: false
browser.urlbar.suggest.bookmark: false
browser.urlbar.suggest.history: false
browser.urlbar.suggest.openpage: false
extensions.lastAppVersion: 31.1.0
general.useragent.updates.lastupdated: 1656331922048
gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.appVersion: 31.1.0
gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.deviceID: 0x0046
gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.feature-d2d: true
gfx.crash-guard.d3d11layers.feature-d3d11: true
gfx.crash-guard.status.d3d11layers: 2
javascript.options.wasm: false 1
media.hardware-video-decoding.failed: false
media.mediasource.mp4.enabled: false
media.peerconnection.enabled: false
network.cookie.cookieBehavior: 3
network.cookie.lifetimePolicy: 2
network.cookie.prefsMigrated: true
places.database.lastMaintenance: 1655808438
places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages: 67094
privacy.clearOnShutdown.connectivityData: true
privacy.clearOnShutdown.offlineApps: true
privacy.clearOnShutdown.passwords: true
privacy.clearOnShutdown.siteSettings: true
privacy.cpd.connectivityData: true
privacy.cpd.offlineApps: true
privacy.cpd.siteSettings: true
privacy.GPCheader.enabled: true
privacy.popups.showBrowserMessage: false
privacy.sanitize.migrateFx3Prefs: true
privacy.sanitize.sanitizeOnShutdown: true
privacy.sanitize.timeSpan: 0
security.disable_button.openCertManager: false
security.disable_button.openDeviceManager: false
storage.vacuum.last.index: 1
storage.vacuum.last.places.sqlite: 1654364670

Important Locked Preferences

Places Database


Incremental GC: true


Activated: false
Prevent Accessibility: 1

Library Versions

Expected minimum version: 4.25
Version in use: 4.25

Expected minimum version: 3.52.6
Version in use: 3.52.6

Expected minimum version: 3.52.6
Version in use: 3.52.6

Expected minimum version: 3.52.6
Version in use: 3.52.6

Expected minimum version: 3.52.6
Version in use: 3.52.6

Keeps coming back
Keeps coming back
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Re: How to delete uBlock Origin from PM

Unread post by Blacklab » 2022-06-27, 19:28

@puppyX: Could your 'problem' be simply that there are no 'new' filter list updates available since you reinstalled uBlock Origin?

Most uBO filter lists only update every day or so, and some lists update at considerably longer intervals, several days, weekly, or longer.

If you press the 'Purge all caches' button on the uBO Dashboard... and the 'Update now' button then lights up in orange... and when you click on 'Update now' all your filter lists update... a 'forced' manual update of all your installed filter lists... then I suspect your reinstalled uBO is probably functioning normally?

uBO's 'Update now' button lit in orange after 'Purge all caches' completed.jpg
uBO Dashboard after purging all caches and before pressing 'Update now' button
(Note: I prefer to have uBO's 'Auto-update filter lists' option selected.)

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Moon lover
Moon lover
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Re: How to delete uBlock Origin from PM

Unread post by puppyX » 2022-06-28, 11:46

When I looked at uBlock today the yellow 'update now' button was ready and waiting. It seems to be working properly again. @Blacklab - Yes I was purging caches all the time then, after updating probably not giving long enough for updates to show and assuming the world had stopped turning. The removal of all the old settings has also helped.

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Re: How to delete uBlock Origin from PM

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-06-28, 13:34

For future reference: keep calm and have some tea before panicking ;)
"The best revenge is to not be like the person who wronged you." -- Marcus Aurelius
"Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past; wisdom is of the future." -- Native American proverb

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