Synchronization by third party cloud

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Synchronization by third party cloud

Unread post by MoonWalker » 2022-05-11, 20:59

I was wondering if you have considered providing the browser’s synchronization through an API to third party cloud service at user’s storage expense.

What I mean is to do something similar to Joplin (open source note-taking app) that allows you to synchronize the notes by keeping it in the cloud service chosen by the user (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.).

An encrypted file would be stored in the cloud and account deletion and password recovery would not be pending issues for the sync service, in addition storage cost would be released.

Ps. Congrats for the 31 milestone! Thanks to keep PM afloat.

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Re: Synchronization by third party cloud

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-05-11, 21:18

That idea would be something to consider for an extension.
It doesn't really have any bearing on the sync service so I'll move this to add-ons.
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