Pale Moon 30.0 release announcement

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Pale Moon 30.0 release announcement

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-03-17, 18:56

This is a new milestone release!
Following the change in direction as announced before on the forum and directly driven by user feedback and community input, Pale Moon is abandoning its own GUID (globally-unique identifier) and adopting Firefox's GUID instead (like it did in its early days) to provide maximum compatibility with old and unmaintained Firefox extensions alongside those that are maintained on our addons site.
Please understand that this gives more freedom for people to use potentially incompatible and old/insecure browser extensions, but also means we will have a more "hands-off" approach to it from this point forward which as a consequence means you will have to resolve more issues yourself and take more care, especially when using external/old extensions.

Please note that our current addons site will, for a while, serve both older versions of Pale Moon and newer ones in a side-by-side manner, and it is important that you do not spoof your user agent when visiting the addons site or you may be served the incorrect type of add-ons or add-on updates, or not receive them at all.
The add-ons site has received a complete overhaul to cater to the changes. This is still a work in progress and will be improved significantly over time, including the return of version management and the self-serve panel for extension developers. Some more details about using extensions on Pale Moon 30 and beyond as well as the new addons site can be found in this thread.

In addition, our platform code has been changed to a more streamlined version over the past months and UXP is no longer used (or maintained) by us in this milestone. UXP has been released to the community for maintenance and coordination to continue building on where desired. Instead, we are now building on the Goanna Runtime Environment™ (or GRE for short) focusing more tightly on the Goanna rendering engine and cutting out support for unmaintainable components and target platforms. More details about this change will follow in in-depth documentation on the developer site and/or the forum.

It should be self-explanatory that with a milestone release like this one, especially with a huge change internally like with v30, that profiles are not backwards compatible and you should not ever consider going back to v29 on a profile that has been used with v30 (or copy/mix files from v30 and earlier versions).

You can find a list of major updates to the browser and platform as well as security and bug fixes in the Pale Moon release notes.
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