Some RSS Webpage Not Working

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Some RSS Webpage Not Working

Unread post by indius » 2021-12-02, 11:56

Interlink 52.9.7899 x64
Windows 8.1 x64

2 RSS webpages are not working.

Both are set up as: View > Feed Message Body As > Web Page
Tested both with add-ons disabled.

I can just seed the header image but if I Ctrl+U I can see the HTML of the page with all info.

Just stopped working today.

Is this a problem on these websites end or Interlinks?



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Re: Some RSS Webpage Not Working

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-12-02, 12:49

The problem is viewing the feeds as webpages combined with the website managers not providing mail client compatible (limited) web content.
I bet they are trying to display the web page view with scripting. That doesn't work in a mail client where javascript in mail content is generally disabled for security reasons.
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