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To quit causes problem

Unread post by Clodulf » 2021-11-30, 18:11

When I try to quit the website a stupid message appears and blocks until I click on it, according this image.
quit odysee.png
Nevertheless, these stupid words did not appear at my display with the previous Palemoon versions. What have you put in the last version to procreate this stupid message ? Could you make this message not appear, please ?

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Re: To quit causes problem

Unread post by vannilla » 2021-11-30, 19:52

Those windows usually appear because the site demands them.
That, or you somehow got infected with malware and those popups are some kind of consequence.
Are you sure it's the browser's fault? Indeed, if I go to Odysee and try to leave the page I can quit just fine.

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Re: To quit causes problem

Unread post by ron_1 » 2021-11-30, 20:31

Is this serious? Why does the browser always seems to get blamed first?

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Re: To quit causes problem

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-11-30, 20:54

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