problem with add-on initialization?

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problem with add-on initialization?

Unread post by tommy_2 » 2021-09-26, 01:48

this is about cookie masters if it matters (3.2.0) and the linux/gtk2 pale moon r29.1.1.

that add-on is PERFECT for what I was looking for mostly because it will automatically delete cookies once I close a tab where I had temporarily enabled them for the site from statusbar.

however with at least r29.1.1 what happens is cm's icon usually doesn't appear on statusbar at browser start (in this state cm or something also interferes with whitelisted cookie sites I have set in pale moon prefs so it's more than an appearance thing).

I discovered a workaround is to open "tools -> add-ons" page, at that point its icon appears and cm has 100% functionality. I'm temporarily opening the browser with 'palemoon about:addons' to ensure cm is active but would rather not have to do that.

what I'm wondering is can someone tell me if there's some kind of initialization that an add-on may do when the browser is started? eg what is it about opening add-ons page that 'wakes up' cm?

I tried poking through its code but aren't really sure what I'm looking for since it's just a guess it's some kind of somewhat recent change in an initialization procedure.

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Re: problem with add-on initialization?

Unread post by jobbautista9 » 2021-09-26, 02:24

We don't support old versions of Pale Moon.
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Re: problem with add-on initialization?

Unread post by Blacklab » 2021-09-26, 09:54

Hi tommy_2,

I see the same 'missing Cookie Masters toolbar icon' problem on first opening the browser using the latest Pale Moon 29.4.1 on both Win7 and Win10 machines... and for some long time previously with earlier Pale Moon versions too.

If you open the 'Customize Toolbar' window with just one tab open the recalcitrant Cookie Masters icon isn't visible anywhere either.

I do not know why this occurs... perhaps some initialisation problem within the addon as you suggest... however the 'disappearing toolbar icon' seems to have been an ongoing problem (a bug?) with the Cookie Masters Addon... see several previous threads on this subject if you do a forum search for 'cookie masters icon' or similar.

I still use the Cookie Masters Addon... and AFAIAA it works correctly... but, for me, its toolbar icon will only appear after opening a 2nd tab... any 2nd tab will do... opening (and immediately closing) an empty 'New Tab' will do the trick.

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