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Agent Orange
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Re: WordPress editor broken

Post by Agent Orange » 2019-09-17, 20:59

For anyone stumbling across this thread:

I suppose discussion on this is to be consolidated over on Project Gutenberg's GitHub issues until we get it nailed down a bit further

ETA: :lol: of course this post would be the first one to not appear on page 1 of the thread.
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New to the forum
New to the forum
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Re: WordPress editor broken

Post by sebigbos » 2020-02-08, 12:59

I´m just a user. I have the same bug using mypal, which is an adaptation of the palemoon browser to xp.
I can use newest version of wordpress/gutenberg (5.3.2) and the to palemoon 28.5.2 corresponding version of mypal without the bug appearing. Since version 28.6.0 the bug appears

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Re: WordPress editor broken

Post by Fedor2 » 2020-02-15, 05:47

Something of the 'remove unboxed object" broken this. That code stuff is too complex for me, i do not understand what it does. But i know that you have taken the idea from the firefox to improve performance. However firefox with this code change does not have the bug.

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Re: WordPress editor broken

Post by Moonchild » 2020-02-15, 11:27

Fedor2 wrote:
2020-02-15, 05:47
i know that you have taken the idea from the firefox to improve performance.
No, unboxed objects were not in fact used -- all of this was disabled code and shouldn't have any impact whatsoever on code execution.
If you are certain this causes the issue then please help by trying to narrow it down to the exact code commit. It's always possible a mistake was made that causes some subtle issue, although strange that it didn't pop up at all until here in that case...
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