posting bitchute links on mewe hangs PM

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posting bitchute links on mewe hangs PM

Unread post by Lew Rockwell Fan » 2019-08-15, 19:08

Anytime I post a bitchute link at PM hangs. I've tried a plain fresh profile & get the same result. When you post a link (meaning paste it in to a text field with or without commentary text) at mewe, it tries to extract some text and an image if there is one, to use as a thumbnail. It's that process that seems to be the problem. I get a wait animation and then the whole browser is unresponsive and remains so. I've tried letting it run for 30 minutes or so. Only way I can get out of it is to use xkill (only way I've tried that worked I mean - I could probably kill it from a terminal). Firefox works fine for this. Dillo apparently won't work there at all because mewe requires javascript. I haven't tried any other browsers.

This sort of freezing has always been an occasional issue for me, but in the past I could kill PM and restart it and it would work. Now it does this consistently on that one site, under this one circumstance. Any suggestions?
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Re: posting bitchute links on mewe crashes PM

Unread post by Moonchild » 2019-08-15, 20:42

At 169 posts on this forum, you should be aware of the difference between a crash and a hang. I'll edit the topic title for you.

EDIT: unable to reproduce on Windows; the site spins for a second or so then displays a thumb, description and link, and Pale Moon doesn't hang.
Since you say it occurs semi-regularly for you, it might be something with your specific setup -- posting troubleshooting information etc. will be helpful.
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