Another problem website?

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Another problem website?

Unread post by DogMouth » 2019-07-13, 04:27

I'm using 64b. The website doesn't work for me in PM. It constantly reloads the page. If I deny JS execution, it simply breaks the site completely. I tried picking through the scripts to block one that would stop it, but I end up with the same thing: constant reloading or a blank page. The behavior persists in Safe Mode and in a fresh profile. It also does this in 28.4; that's the only other version I have handy ATM.

This appears to work fine in FFX 68, Chromium, and my crusty old copy of Arora. I tried spoofing UA, but I couldn't get anything to work. I have no idea what they're doing that's making it not work in PM, so I have no idea what a fix would entail. I guess at this point I'd just like to see if anyone else can reproduce the issue. If it just boils down to "this website is hot garbage", I can accept that.

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Re: Another problem website?

Unread post by Cassette » 2019-07-13, 05:07

Running mozregression it shows last bad 02-27-2019, first good 02-28-2019. Pushlog ... 29d0fd5fd4

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Re: Another problem website?

Unread post by Moonchild » 2019-07-13, 10:45

Most likely they are using the changed/revamped spec for
This is already being tracked on our issue tracker, unfortunately nobody has had the time or inclination to address it yet.
See Issue #1118 (UXP)
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Re: Another problem website?

Unread post by Goodydino » 2019-07-13, 21:21

It flickers between the normal page and a page that shows different versions of the image at the top with both Pale Moon and SeaMonkey. With Slimjet, it loads one page and does not change. With Opera and Safari, the top image keeps changing slowly. I am guessing that the latter is its normal behaviour.

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