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Sync to Android

Unread post by whardman » 2019-06-13, 13:22

I know this is similar to a few other threads, but:

What does everyone use to sync from Pale Moon (Desktop) to Android? I know there isn't going to be an Android version of Pale Moon past 25, so I can't keep using it forever. I really need a sync (at least for passwords) otherwise having a browser on mobile is mostly useless for me. The only thing I can think of to do right now is either just use 25, or have version 25 for sync, then copy paste stuff into something else, Waterfox, perhaps?

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Re: Sync to Android

Unread post by unknownone » 2019-06-18, 23:44

Maybe I didn't properly understand your question, but the built-in Palemoon Sync works between post 25.0 desktop versions and PM4A. See

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