Interlink opened; FossaMail is default.

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This board is for people who continue to use FossaMail, whether the last official build or later unofficial (private) builds. Exchange ideas, tips, etc. -- users helping users.
No official support will be provided here, this is purely for those who continue using FossaMail for as long as it's still viable.
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Interlink opened; FossaMail is default.

Unread post by Giraffe » 2018-12-08, 16:28

Upgraded to the stable version, via the suggested uninstall/re-install route. From the email monitors (PopTray and EmailTray) and also PM, FM opens as the Default client.
Using 40tude for Usenet, pressing R (reply via email), Interlink opens instead. BTW, it's headed as Mozilla Thunderbird 52!
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Re: Interlink opened; FossaMail is default.

Unread post by Nigaikaze » 2018-12-08, 17:21

Per Tobin's request, open an issue here ...

... instead of using this forum for Interlink support.
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