Browser and Extension Problems, or System Problems?

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Browser and Extension Problems, or System Problems?

Unread post by Uppity » 2018-05-28, 00:29

This may be related to Private Browsing, which is now disabled.

However, when I tried to edit this post, navigation took me to a new log in screen.
So, I opened a new tab from the page I was already logged in on, and it seemed to work.

Hope this solved all my problems, but expecting more, as Yahoo doesn't want to work...
Don't ask my opinion of Yahoo, Verizon nor Oath...
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I thought I had a system problem but got no response to this post on:

I'm owned by root, browser lost history & history sub-menus.
I reinstalled Linux Mint 17.3 - Cinnamon, last week.
In reinstalling Pale Moon 27.9.2 (64-bit), I added some new-to-me extensions:

Code: Select all

Add-ons Manager Fix 52.1.7
Eclipsed Moon 1.04 and 
NoteStruck 1.0.2
Secret Agent (Latest version 1.35  (released 2016-12-22).
Smart Preview for Pale Moon forum 1.3.0
YesScript 2.2 
I removed

Code: Select all

Add-ons Manager Fix 52.1.7
Secret Agent (Latest version 1.35  (released 2016-12-22).
Root became owner of my file system, including:

Code: Select all

/home and /opt.
History is not updating and this extension is not functional:
Passwords are no longer working.

The Weather Desklet failed to function though the API key and location fields are population. Now, configuration options are about non-existent.

Is there a solution?
What do I do, now?
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