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Re: PaleMoon instantly collapses on this page

Unread post by Moonchild » 2018-11-24, 15:24

I'm not entirely sure why this thread from May was revived. The OP has left the building, and the site is clearly a bad example of webdesign causing issues. Is there anything else that needs adressing here?
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Re: PaleMoon instantly collapses on this page

Unread post by yereverluvinuncleber » 2018-11-24, 15:31

craftsman wrote:Why do I need a secure PM mode? I want to work in common normal mode...
Everything else is too difficult for me.
Excuse me :(
Perhaps you are really a Chrome user. PM might not be the browser for you if you aren't tech savvy enough to understand the help you are being given. Seriously, you might be better off with Chrome.

Oops, just read MC's post - please lock the thread!
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