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Re: Yandex video doesn't work

Post by _yuyu_ » 2017-02-04, 13:10

JustOff wrote: moon-yandex-video-1.0.1.xpi
Quite dirty, but works 8-)
Thank you!
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Re: Yandex video doesn't work

Post by JustOff » 2017-04-05, 18:22

It seems that Yandex fixed this problem on their end and no more tricks with user agent override (and special add-on) are required.
Here are the add-ons I made in a spare time. That was fun!

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Pallid Planetoid
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Knows the dark side
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Re: Yandex video doesn't work

Post by Pallid Planetoid » 2017-04-06, 07:21

It's always nice to know a website actually fixes their problems so that so UA Overrides and/or other tricks are not necessary...

... I have never used Yandex myself (and frankly don't plan to), but when trying it out and verifying the page works okay in Pale Moon I did find out that for NoScript users (at least in my case) an Anti-XSS protection exception is necessary for this website's page to avoid getting blocked by NoScript, otherwise NoScript determines a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) attempt from this site. So to bypass the error the "^@https://yandex\.ru/video/*" XSS protection exception needs to be added to the "Advance" > "XSS" setting page. Of course FWIW, the website will not be protected against XSS by NoScript in this case. :!: :cry: From that standpoint it would be advisable, for those using NoScript that want to access this site, to add an ABE ruleset to NoScript for this site to limit the "XSS" site path vulnerability produced by the XXS exception. :idea:
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Re: Yandex video doesn't work

Post by Fedor2 » 2017-04-09, 22:38

JustOff wrote:It seems that Yandex fixed this problem
Hope they do care about Pale moon, old versions still don`t work.
Our developers are whose fixed it.