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Pale Moon and ReactOS

Unread post by Moonchild » 2016-05-09, 10:54

On our roadmap, we've had specific support for ReactOS, an alternative version of the Windows O.S. created by an Open Source community, for creating a specialized version for that operating system for quite a while. Unfortunately, we've had to scrap that plan due to the highly unstable nature of the current 0.4 version of ReactOS and no clear path forward with it that would make it more compatible with modern applications like Pale Moon. Although the alternative O.S. might fill a niche for particularly old application software, we can't continue to focus our efforts on the alternative O.S. at this time.

We would like to wish the ReactOS team all the best in their efforts to create a free, Open Source alternative for Windows!
A note to the ReactOS devs: please guys, you must step up your game or it'll never happen.
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