Please post in the correct board.

Support board for people running on (retail/OEM) Windows XP (32/64-bit).
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This is a self-serve support board for our community. The development team can't provide any support for Windows XP (and compatible versions of Pale Moon for it) any longer.
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Please post in the correct board.

Unread post by Moonchild » 2016-01-28, 15:52

We have 2 Windows XP support boards now. One for retail/OEM versions of Windows XP that is officially supported by us, and one for Embedded/POSReady2009/"extended" Windows XP which is not supported by us.

Due to technical reasons, we can only support official retail/OEM Windows XP setups that are designed for desktop use.
If you are running on a Windows version that is meant for embedded systems or for points of sale, AKA POSReady2009 or WEPOS and need support for it, please do not post in this board; your support request does not belong here. Kindly move over to the correct board for that OS.

Important note: this also includes Windows XP versions that have been altered to "receive security updates past end-of-life" by way of an infamous registry hack of the Windows Product Activation module in Windows XP. If you are running a Windows version set up this way (even if you have since reverted the registry change) your support request does not belong in this board because it has become an unsupported mix of components and libraries.
If you are not sure if this is the case for you, ask a tech-savvy friend or the person who usually does your PC maintenance for you.

We call upon you to be honest and straightforward about what setup you are using. We, as well as your fellow Pale Moon users on Windows XP will be very thankful if you give us that courtesy.
Thehandyman1957 wrote:All I can say is PLEASE guys, if you have a issue and you have a POS/2009 system. Don't push it with this team and try to scam your way into support. :thumbdown:

There are some of us here that rely on Pale Moon to run on our older XP systems that are not hacked, and would be sorely upset to see XP support get axed
earlier than it needs to be. :ugeek:
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