Nice Review for PM

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Nice Review for PM

Unread post by TwoTankAmin » 2015-04-27, 21:00

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Re: Nice Review for PM

Unread post by Moonchild » 2015-04-28, 06:50

That's not a review, it's copy/pasta'd from older news articles/descriptions on other sites.. I mean OLDer.
People should be slapped upside the head for doing this, as it's perpetuating outdated information about the state of Pale Moon (e.g. that it's supposed to just be a speed-optimized firefox build, which it is not) and publishing this as a "current state" of the browser by putting it under the header for the latest version.

EDIT: I've sent a note to the editor.

EDIT2: They'll chase it down - apparently that work is outsourced and the outsourced folks haven't been doing their job. :P
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