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Pale Moon on OSv

Post by WeezzZ » 2015-03-18, 17:32

Hi there,

I just found Pale Moon on the Internet. I am currently working on a project that aims to provide fast and responsive virtual machines for testing purposes (Selenium like system).

To include Chrome or Firefox into OSv I have to rebuild it with specific options and I have a LOT of compilation errors. So I began to search for a lighter web browser that could accept those requirements. My question about building Pale Moon is pretty simple :
* Can we compile it in a static way ? (except standard C and C++ libraries of course) ? It means to pass to GCC -fPIC options, or use --enable-static and so options of mozilla build system, but not working on current stable release :/ (I use Ubuntu VM provided by Mozilla to compile).
* Can we generate a library .so file and not an executable (I guess yes afaik, with --shared on linking) ?

Great job anyway, I will test it ^^


Re: Pale Moon on OSv

Post by squarefractal » 2015-03-19, 13:57

You don't need to make a static build -- Pale Moon uses very basic dependencies that should be installed on all systems.