New to Pale Moon on Android? READ THIS FIRST.

Anything related to the Android/mobile version of Pale Moon.

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New to Pale Moon on Android? READ THIS FIRST.

Post by Moonchild » 2015-01-24, 15:00

Since there seems to be a bit of confusion amongst new users of Pale Moon for Android, a few important points to be aware of:
  • Pale Moon for Android is essentially different from Pale Moon for other (desktop) operating systems.
    The mobile version of Pale Moon is a completely different product based on different code. Because the parsing and layout core of the browser (Gecko) is shared, it is based on the same technologies "under the hood", but the application itself is completely different. Pale Moon for Android is based on Fennec code, which is a different Mozilla product than Firefox. It is largely written in Java instead of C++/JS/XUL for the front-end, and cannot be directly compared.
    As a result, the user interface is and will be different and completely separated from the desktop versions of the browser.
  • Pale Moon for Android can use personas (lightweight themes).
    It can not use "complete themes". It will also not look or behave like the desktop version of Pale Moon.
  • Pale Moon for Android is extension-compatible with Firefox Mobile (Fennec) extensions.
    You should be able to make full use of extensions on for Firefox Mobile. The browser is not compatible with Pale Moon specific extensions found on since that site is (for the moment at least) focused purely on extensions for the desktop browser.
    For example: You can use Adblock Plus on Pale Moon for Android (since it is available for Firefox Mobile) but not Adblock Latitude (which is forked for desktop Pale Moon only)
  • Pale Moon for Android has extremely limited plugin capabilities.
    This is a restriction common to browsers on the Android platform.
  • Pale Moon for Android can use Pale Moon Sync. (or other Sync 1.1 compatible cloud/server platforms)
    It is not compatible with Firefox Sync (Firefox Accounts) as introduced in Australis 29.0.
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