UXP on 32-Bit SLES 11

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UXP on 32-Bit SLES 11

Unread post by ryanbryers » 2021-11-28, 21:57


I've been digging around various sites but haven't managed to find a way to resolve an issue I have. I'm running on a 32-bit SLES11 with Firefox and XUL on it but the browser doesn't seems to support more modern websites and I suspect an incompatibility between XUL and the sites my business process needs to hit.

In the short term I'm limited to the SLES11 and 32-bit OS so I'm looking for a short term fix. Do you know if the UXP browser will run on 32-bit SLES11 and if so does it have the support for more modern web sites ?

any advice would be much appreciated


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