Pale Moon Sync service needs your help!

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Pale Moon Sync service needs your help!

Unread post by Moonchild » 2021-11-10, 13:24

Hey folks!

I hate to have to ask this but the Pale Moon Sync service needs your help to continue.
While I've moved the service to an in-house server which has reduced costs of operation, it's still being run 24/7 from privately-paid electricity and does need the occasional hardware components replaced over time (it's a second-hand server with ageing components).

Since it's being actively used by thousands of individuals, including some that aren't using the Pale Moon browser (which inherently supports the service), I'd like to ask users of the service to chip in and offset the running costs for sync (at least a little)!

To do so, please use one of the following methods:
  1. Strongly preferred: Donate to the project through the donation page PayPal button
  2. Contact me via PM for details to make a direct SEPA bank transfer (EU only!), Western Union or other direct transfer acceptable in Sweden.
  3. Send me some cash or a postal exchange in the mail (not recommended, but accepted if you don't have any other options) - PM me for details.
I cannot accept cryptocurrencies, sorry.
I appreciate any support of the service you can give. Thanks in advance!

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