Taking applications to join the Add-ons Team.

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Taking applications to join the Add-ons Team.

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2021-10-09, 22:33

Would you like to join the Add-ons Team? Review add-ons and help guide developers to successful submission of their critical work?

Your responsibilities would include:
  • Reviewing Add-ons for proper and safe functioning upon submission. Including ID/Slug/Intellectual Property issues and reasonable code level inspection.
  • Keeping an eye on new releases for existing add-ons.
  • Being in contact with developers to resolve initial issues and any new issues that crop up either by Forum Thread, Forum PM, or E-Mail.
  • Escalating verification of known AMO IDs and requests for deletion of an invalid or failed submission to the Phoebus Administration.
  • Various other tasks on-demand.
Apply now by Forum PM to me.