PaleMoon not playing livestreams on certain pages

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PaleMoon not playing livestreams on certain pages

Post by WilPale » 2021-05-04, 10:09

A long time ago I reported problems with videos on They are here again, although looking slightly different now.
Some (not all!) livestreams on do not start. All I see is a picture like that:
Livestrems error.png
(hope this does display correctly).
Clicking on the arrow only starts a rotating "please wait" sign.
If I use FireFox on the same page, an error message is displayed, stating that automatic video start is disabled by the browser, If I click ok, the video starts anyway. And in the FireFox preference the autormatic video start can be enabled for this specific page and there are no further problems.
So I guess that the problems in PaleMoon are also connected with automatic video start - but how can I solve these problems?

Thanks for all advices!

BTW: I'm using PaleMoon versions 28.17 and 29.02 64-bit on Windows 7. Same behaviour in both versions.

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