Cannot create google voice contacts in real time

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Cannot create google voice contacts in real time

Post by sindi » 2020-06-27, 15:09

Latest Pale Moon for linux 28.10.0 Takes 4 minutes (on my 1.4GHz 2004 laptop) to see a phone number appear when I make a new contact and more than half an hour to save yesterday. Today it has not saved yet in one hour nine minutes. Javascript times out. CPU overloaded and cannot use Pale Moon at all while waiting.

Legacy Google Voice. 1GB RAM with Puppy Linux which requires only 512MB RAM.

Contact creation works quickly in Firefox 68 ESR.

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Re: Cannot create google voice contacts in real time

Post by Pentium4User » 2020-06-27, 15:34

Do you see any message of a non-responding script?
Then tell us the name of the script.
Maybe that is the WebComponents shit that causes high CPU usage in Pale Moon.
Powerline adapters (dLAN) hardly interfere shortwave radio, so stop using them.

Yes, I still use a 64 bit capable Pentium 4 670 processor with Pale Moon.

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