Current State of Pale Moon for Linux and the Future

Support and discussions for the x86/x64 Linux version of Pale Moon.

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Re: Current State of Pale Moon for Linux and the Future

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-10-02, 03:28

GTK4 will have to wait.. We likely will start research into it next year but to avoid the massive moving target bullshit we had with GTK3 we likely won't support it officially for a long time. So you aren't likely to see a mainline build with GTK4 until EL 9 or at least a few years. As GTK3 will be in maintenance mode for years to come there isn't much to be concerned about. Just know it is on our radar.

For clarification I want to give you all a simplified plan as far as OUR builds go:

Linux 32bit / EL 6 build env / GCC 4.9 / GTK 2.24 / Minimum glibc 2.12 / Ends November 30th, 2020
Current Linux 64bit (GTK2 Version) / EL 7 build env / GCC 7 or 8 / GTK 2.24 / Minimum glibc 2.17 / Ends June 30th, 2024
Future Linux 64bit GTK3 Version / EL 8 build env / GCC 8+ / GTK 3.22 / Minimum glibc 2.28 / Ends whenever EL 8 does
Long Term Linux 64bit GTK4 Version / Who the hell knows yet...

Let me restate that these combinations and this plan is for production of OUR released binaries. System Packagers and Power Users may use what is appropriate for their system and we doing UXP Development are being very mindful to not unnecessarily bust building potential without cause of which I can see none at this time.. So you can compile a GTK2 build using GCC 5 on a 32bit machine with a glibc version 2.42 if you want. I see no reason to artificially prevent you from doing that.. but of course I don't recommend it. ;)

ALSO I talked to Travis early this morning and he is on board with all this and likely will be taking over builds again by the next release and the unstables now.

BinOC Projects will also likely align with this plan and why not? I came up with it.

THE ONE uncovered point as of yet is Basilisk.. That will require some thinking but expect it to likely follow the plan for the Future Linux GTK3 version eventually.. Whenever it seems like a good time for that to happen. Perhaps sometime next year.
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Re: Current State of Pale Moon for Linux and the Future

Unread post by fatboy » 2019-10-02, 05:38

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback Tobin.

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Re: Current State of Pale Moon for Linux and the Future

Unread post by vingtzwanzig » 2019-10-03, 00:48

palemoon-28.8.0a1.linux-gtk3-x86_64.tar.bz2 is working on Devuan Beowulf.
Mostly it is simply the Ascii iso upgraded but I'm currently using this kernel (which is supposedly better for laptop/desktop use):
as the Ascii one on the iso had a non working intel wifi driver and the Ascii backport one didn't boot to the desktop on my hw.

Code: Select all

$ aptitude show libc6
Package: libc6                           
Version: 2.28-10
$ aptitude show libc-bin
Package: libc-bin                        
Version: 2.28-10
$ uname -r
I started palemoon in the terminal and no error messages so far :D

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