Verification/info wanted for issue

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Verification/info wanted for issue

Post by Moonchild » 2019-08-20, 09:13

Could any of you Linux folks check to see if there is a problem there or not, and if so, what exactly is the issue?
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Re: Verification/info wanted for issue

Post by Night Wing » 2019-08-20, 11:39

I didn't have any problems on the GitHub site. The page rendered quickly and properly. I clicked on some of the Buttons such as:

Issues 75
Pull requests 1
Projects 0

On the Issues, there are a few comments between you and I29ah. Lots of code which I don't understand. Everything seems to be working on that page.

I'm using 64 bit linux Pale Moon 28.6.1 running in 64 bit linux Mint 19.2 (Tina) Xfce.
Linux Mint 19.3 (Tricia) Xfce 64 Bit with 64 Bit linux Pale Moon

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Keeps coming back
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Re: Verification/info wanted for issue

Post by vannilla » 2019-08-20, 11:55

Yeah, the problem is about the code you don't understand not GitHub.

It seems the example doesn't work for me either. I'm investigating on the matter.

I changed the font family name from "xos4 Terminus" to "Anime Ace" and now every character, no matter if serif, sans serif or monospace, is displayed using Anime Ace.
So I believe there's a problem with the fonts.conf file, not Pale Moon.

After testing a bunch of fonts, I can say that Pale Moon correctly reads the fontconfig configuration. The problem is in the family name (in the case of the example, "xos4 Terminus"): if it doesn't match exactly the family name of an installed font, Pale Moon (though probably simply fontconfig) will fall back to a default font.
In theory, "xos4 Terminus" should be the correct family name, so if it doesn't work it's either because fontconfig can't find it or the family name is actually different for some reason.