disable auto complete inspect element

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disable auto complete inspect element

Post by mrtok » 2019-03-17, 13:25

this isn't just a palemoon thing, when ya right click on an element on a page, inspect element, right side under rules where it shows you the CSS, if you go to change say a color or add something
the 'autofill' if i'm saying that right wants to always complete for ya, say you want to add a 'rule' and make an element semi transparent, when you go to enter anything it wants to autocomplete
whatever it thinks you are entering, this isn't a bad feature if you are on a large screen or have large fonts set etc but for typical laptop screen it actually gets in the way of things,
i've searched all over forums, checked all kinds of web developer settings in 'about:config' etc searched 'autocomplete' etc still can't find a way to disable this
also in the web developer area yeah i've already disabled 'auto' and i thought that was what it would do but nadda, must shut something else off set for auto, think maybe indentation
anyway anyone have an idea let me know, i'm not the best at explaining so my bad if confused anyone, sincerely mrtok

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Knows the dark side
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Re: disable auto complete inspect element

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-07-20, 19:39

The style editor autocomplete is a setting that exists but from the inspector.. I don't think anyone has done a setting.. Remember most people who use devtools don't actually want to write anything (like proper capitalization or punctuation).. They are the types of people who used things like Composer, Dreamweaver, or Front Page for years and that makes them think they are webmasters whereas that ALMOST never happens. So most people want the software to write nearly everything for them.

However, If this is something you want you are gonna have to contribute to adding this feature for the inspector component of the devtools. Or suffer without it.
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