Reflections on Pale Moon

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Reflections on Pale Moon

Post by vandys » 2019-03-17, 00:53

I just read the latest roadmap article concerning Pale Moon, and it suddenly struck me. Most discussion about web implementations is that there are just
three left: Chrome, Firtefox, and Safari. But Pale Moon is really morphing into a true fourth implementation (sure, you can hand wave at Lynx or
Midori or Dillo, but they're subset implementations which can browse a shrinking part of the web). This is incredibly valuable at so many levels, and I wanted to
post a "thank you" here as a way of recognizing it.

I _know_ the Android port is a huge incremental pain (I've looked at how Mozilla structures to accommodate it). Be assured that I will run it--force closes and
all--if it goes live again.

Andy Valencia

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Night Wing
Knows the dark side
Knows the dark side
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Re: Reflections on Pale Moon

Post by Night Wing » 2019-03-17, 11:33

Since I first found Pale Moon starting in the Summer of 2011, speaking just for myself, linux Pale Moon and windows Pale Moon are "diamonds found off the foot path where most people never set foot".
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Re: Reflections on Pale Moon

Post by Thehandyman1957 » 2019-03-18, 03:15

Night Wing wrote: Pale Moon are "diamonds found off the foot path where most people never set foot".
How funny, that's when I found PM, when I finally said the well trodden path of FF was getting
just to narrow and muddy for my liking, and started looking for an alternative that would take me
back to the days gone. That search was not in vain. Thanks Team. :mrgreen: