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Themes & Extensions

Unread post by tman801 » 2019-01-25, 03:28

Just installed Basilisk and wonder where are the themes and extensions for Basilisk?

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Re: Themes & Extensions

Unread post by Isengrim » 2019-01-25, 03:54

There is no dedicated add-ons site for Basilisk. You might see if there are a few themes and extensions on the Pale Moon site that work with Basilisk. Outside of that, you can try JustOff's Classic Add-ons Archive or LegacyCollector's repository. Generally speaking, most XUL-based add-ons compatible with Firefox should be compatible with Basilisk as well, except language packs.
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Re: Themes & Extensions

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-01-25, 05:38

No Add-ons Site ... YET. Give it a week or two.
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Re: Themes & Extensions

Unread post by thosrtanner » 2019-01-27, 15:57

IIRC baslisk is forked from a later version of firefox than palemoon, and any firefox extension that expects some of the things that were dropped from firefox subsequent (more or less) to Australis, where they dropped the status bar, is going to have some issues.

Says someone whose extension expects the status bar to exist

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Re: Themes & Extensions

Unread post by Smokey20 » 2019-01-28, 00:05

I have TWO status bars for Basilisk. One is the Addon Bar and the other is an extension that I have used on Fx since version 4. I've had it on Basilisk since its inception. It's called Extended Status Bar and it gives information in the bar like the original Opera browser through 12.17 had. I use it on Fx 52.9 ESR also. On both browsers it is acceptable to extensions that need a status bar. You can also use Addon Bar and then you have TWO status bars ...but that is a bit much.
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I never allowed Australis on Fx. I hated it and immediately got CTR to give me the classic look for Fx. I use CTR on Basilisk (and also on Pale Moon but Pale Moon does not like many extensions that work on Basilisk so I stopped using Pale Moon after version 26). CTR is supported by Aris for Basilisk so I would suggest you install it. Extended Status Bar is in Classic Addons Archive if you want to try it. Or from Legacy Collector: ... index.html.

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