XULrunner ? Is there an equivalent available?

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XULrunner ? Is there an equivalent available?

Unread post by gneandr » 2019-01-26, 17:02

Just got notice of these UXP activities. Not fully understand some points:
-- what is the latest MDN release UXP was forked from?
-- how are Mozilla security updates in-cooperated into UXP? Or how are potential security issues addressed?
-- is the a XULrunner app/version available based on UXP? Any example for that?

If this forum isn't the right place for those questions, please give an idea where/from whom I can get answers.

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Re: XULrunner ? Is there an equivalent available?

Unread post by yami_ » 2019-01-26, 20:38

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Re: XULrunner ? Is there an equivalent available?

Unread post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-01-26, 20:55

You can build the generic xulrunner stub though there are a few glitches but none of them serious. However, the ability to generate an application package with a targeted stub using xulrunner was stripped out due to code incompatibilities and will have to be rewritten eventually.

Of course if you are gonna do that you may as well add a few more bits and make it a fully standalone UXP application at that point.

XULRunner development is important but developmental priority is low at this time.
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Re: XULrunner ? Is there an equivalent available?

Unread post by Isengrim » 2019-01-26, 20:56

The standalone XULRunner application (if you can call it that) technically exists in the UXP tree, but it may be easier to run your xulapp package by using Pale Moon from the command line:


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palemoon.exe /app <xulapp>

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palemoon --app <xulapp>
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