Compatible Add-Ons for FossaMail 38.6.0a1

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Compatible Add-Ons for FossaMail 38.6.0a1

Unread postby Baloo » Wed, 27 Dec 2017, 13:39

Are there compatible good add-ons for the most recent unofficial version of FossaMail? I'm not a huge fan of the default theme particularly. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I'm sticking with FossaMail for what it's worth. Don't care for Thunderbird or Outlook.
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Re: Compatible Add-Ons for FossaMail 38.6.0a1

Unread postby Cassette » Wed, 27 Dec 2017, 22:09

If the classic Thunderbird look is what you're going for, Moonchild has said he likes the Classic TB2 theme. Personally I prefer Ignore Aero. I use an extension called Display Mail User Agent and I get a double image with Classic TB2 that doesn't appear with Ignore Aero.

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Re: Compatible Add-Ons for FossaMail 38.6.0a1

Unread postby Thehandyman1957 » Thu, 28 Dec 2017, 04:49

I'm actually using Noia 2.0 eXtreme XT 3.51 with Persona Switcher and it looks great.

Not sure if that's your kinda thing, but it sure beats the basic jane. ;)
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Re: Compatible Add-Ons for FossaMail 38.6.0a1

Unread postby TechnoLurker » Thu, 04 Jan 2018, 22:47

I use:
Enigmail 1.9.7
Folder Pane View Switcher 1.14
Google Search for Thunderbird 1.0
Silvermel & Charamel 2.0.2
Ublock Origin 1.14.14

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