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Posted: 2017-09-27, 08:17
by maestro47
j'aimerai savoir si il etai posible de mettre tampermonkey sur palemoon car j'ai regarde sur la page des module ca ne marche pas merci pour vos réponses

Re: Tampermonkey

Posted: 2017-09-27, 08:43
by jars_

Re: Tampermonkey

Posted: 2017-09-28, 14:16
by maestro47
Merci :) pour ton aide

Re: Tampermonkey

Posted: 2018-01-16, 20:47
by batman
The thing with tampermonkey is that you have that beautiful utility to import, export and backup to cloud.

I've been doing some searching and it doesn't look like it's possible -- "import tampermonkey to greasemonkey". I'm gonna keep looking, I should be able to find results.