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Debian-compatible repositories?

Posted: 2023-03-12, 17:39
by EchedeyLR
Maybe I am asking too much soon or too much itself but, given the Steven Pusser repositories for Pale Moon for both Debian (10-11) and Ubuntu (18.04-22.04) in both GTK3 and GTK2 edition using Open Build Service, would it be possible to add a Debian compatible repository for Epyrus?

Re: Debian-compatible repositories?

Posted: 2023-04-02, 01:25
by vanquishedangel
I like this idea! I was recommended to try epyrus in the forums and it was great! The only issue I had was it working with office 365. Through davmail it would connect but all the calendars in office 365 were combined into one and I run one of the facilities for a group home company and it was giving me notifications for all facilities. tbsync does not work with it either but maybe compatibility will happen so I will keep watch.

I am a massage Therapist that uses google calendar for my appointments, running the group home uses office 365 and many, many, calendars. then I have yahoo, gmail, and other emails that it would have to work with. Epyrus does it all, except the office 365 calendars.