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Thank You for OAuth2

Posted: 2022-10-01, 07:14
by Potkeny
Just set up OAuth2 based on athenian200's post, following the there-linked Claws-mail page (, and besides scratching my head for a while before finding the Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Config Editor... for changing the prefs ("", ""), it was a relative easy "follow the steps", seems working for both of my gmail accounts.

Thank you once again for Epyrus and for the OAuth2-setup post, making it easy (and tolerable) to use gmail again.

Re: Thank You for OAuth2

Posted: 2022-10-01, 16:12
by athenian200
No problem. :) In fact, I was just thinking of making the config editor easier to find... I'll leave that button where it is for the sake of people's muscle memory, but I'm thinking about creating a more accessible link to it that doesn't require as many clicks.