Epyrus 2.1.0

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Epyrus 2.1.0

Unread post by JoeyG » 2023-09-17, 15:14

Thanks to Athenian200.

I used the Win64 zip version on my fully updated Win 7 machine, and everything seems just fine.
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Re: Epyrus 2.1.0

Unread post by Bilbo47 » 2023-09-18, 21:46

This is amazing, because it is the closest <my preferred emailer + contacts manager + RSS reader> has come to doing calendaring correctly. So please keep going! By that I mean CalDav, not Ggl calendar.

The current problem is, remote calendar behaves as if read-only, except for events created in this client, which are able to update and delete properly.

When you go to update the code, what upstream sources do you look at? BetterBird was the first and best at remote CalDav calendaring, but running more than one large client seems silly.

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