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Epyrus Subforum Rules

Unread post by athenian200 » 2022-09-27, 15:21

1. No discussion of other e-mail clients (or their authors). This subforum is for discussion of Epyrus only. I do not provide support for other e-mail clients, and posts that only comment to say something like "X is better than Epyrus" or "why is a new e-mail client needed" will be considered off-topic and removed. Please post elsewhere on the forums if you want to discuss or ask about other e-mail clients.

2. Follow all normal forum rules listed here: app.php/rules

3. If you have a specific support request, please create a separate thread. I'm somewhat okay with "discussion" threads that wander around the topic of Epyrus touching on various subjects (especially during this early phase where things are kind of open-ended), but if you are having a problem, your post is more likely to be seen if it is a separate thread.

4. If you want to report a bug or issue with Epyrus, please open an issue on my Gitea repository: https://repo.palemoon.org/athenian200/epyrus

5. If you want to directly ask me a question about something other than Epyrus, please send me a PM or an e-mail.
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