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AARP Create Account Screen is Blank

Posted: 2024-02-19, 17:14
by OldMan77Webby
Monday 2/19/2024

High-level webpage shows correctly


When I went to create an account by selecting the Create Account option from the LOGIN screen, a blank webpage is displayed.

Website: ... ew-york%2F

This webpage appears correctly in Firefox

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The webpage is blank
I closed out the webpage and went in directly using the URL above and this webpage appeared:

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Access Denied
Error 15
2024-02-19 17:04:04 UTC
What happened?
This request was blocked by our security service
Your IP:
Proxy IP: (ID 108072-100)
Incident ID: 8072001130023951702-14217033768508485

As you were browsing something about your browser made us think that you were a bot. There are few reasons this might happen:

    You were a power user moving through this web-site with a super-human speed.
    You have disabled cookies on your browser.
    A third-party browser Privacy or Script OR Cookie-Blocker plugins OR Extensions OR Open/SSL/Free-Malicious VPN OR Imposter Browser Plugins -- such as Ghostery, Privacy Badger, ExpressVPN, Click&Clean, Malwarebytes Browser Guard, uBlock Origin, Blur, DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials,, NoScript, Duck-Duck-Go, Guardian and Others is preventing Javascript from running.

To regain access make sure that the cookies and javascript are enabled before loading the page. 

Re: AARP Create Account Screen is Blank

Posted: 2024-02-20, 19:06
by Moonchild
No issues going to the create account page, here.

pale Moon 33.0.0 x64, Adblock Latitude installed and active, mostly default settings.

Re: AARP Create Account Screen is Blank

Posted: 2024-02-21, 00:30
by Night Wing
I show the same page as Moonchild posted. No blank page.

I am using 64 bit linux Pale Moon 33.0.0 and with uBlock Origin enabled.

Re: AARP Create Account Screen is Blank

Posted: 2024-02-22, 18:10
by OldMan77Webby

Thank you Moon Man and Night Wing as my AdBlock extension was the problem.

After I disabled it on the AARP website everything worked fine.

This issue can be closed out. :angel: