overlay calendar overstretched horizontally

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Unread post by unknownone » 2024-01-30, 13:17

Dear developers,
I noticed that on the website with all recent versions (and as previously reported in and the overlay calendar is displayed extremely stretched horizontally (see an example in the attached screenshots, the horizontal scroll bar is visible in the second image).

The only error message seems to be (it is different from the ones reported in the previous bug reports):

Code: Select all

"An error occurred! For more details, see the full error text at" searchQueries Query either ensure all objects of type SearchQueries have an ID or a custom merge function, or  Query.searchQueries Object { __typename: "SearchQueries", searchAcidCarousel({"input":{"acidCarouselContext":{"acidCarouselId":57},"basicSearchInput":{"nbAdults":2}}}): Object } Object { __typename: "SearchQueries", searchAcidCarousel({"input":{"acidCarouselContext":{"acidCarouselId":60},"basicSearchInput":{"nbAdults":2}}}): Object }  
I'm running Palemoon 33.0 on Win10 22H2 and it was happening also with prior versions of Palemoon (at least from 31 onwards, I'm not sure about the previous ones or if the website changed its code). Could you please check what's wrong with this website and if it is possible to fix?

Thank you,
Best regards

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Re: overlay calendar overstretched horizontally

Unread post by geraldh » 2024-02-12, 12:24

Thanks for all your great work on Palemoon. I can use it almost everywhere now and even Ebay is working again :) . I've been having the same issue on with Palemoon on Linux Mint for quite a while and there are some earlier threads relating to the calendar issue. I'm currently using 33.0.0 on Linux Mint 21. I can't see any dates on the calendar that drops down, but I think the rest of the site works OK? The error console is not showing any errors.


It would be great to have this fixed now that northern hemisphere summer is approaching :) .

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