tinyurl.com blocked

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Lucio Chiappetti
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tinyurl.com blocked

Unread post by Lucio Chiappetti » 2023-05-28, 18:58

Accessing tinyurl from Palemoon (32.2.0) displays an overlay, if one clicks the accept (right hand) button it display an activity marker and loops forever, and the overlay remains blocking access. Only error is

Code: Select all

Timestamp: 28/05/23 20:50:30
Error: TypeError: Promise.all(...).then(...).catch(...).finally is not a function
Source File: https://cmp.quantcast.com/tcfv2/47/cmp2ui-en.js
Line: 2
(For the limited use I needed just bypassed via chrome)
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Pale Moon guru
Pale Moon guru
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Re: tinyurl.com blocked

Unread post by Moonchild » 2023-05-28, 19:15

Probably another example of a website using a broken polyfill.

Quantcast by the way is an ad network (IIRC) so you may just want to block them
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