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Unread post by bflmpsvz » 2023-01-30, 16:08

The web page silently refuses to open the content (map).
Is there anything I can do with it? Chrome opens it.

Windows 10
32.0.0 (64bit)

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Re: does not work

Unread post by vannilla » 2023-01-30, 16:21

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ReferenceError: BigInt is not defined
Use Chrome for the time being.

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Re: does not work

Unread post by adoxa » 2023-01-31, 07:07

After removing the BigInt references (not actually used) and working around a problem with an IntersectionObserver, it seems to work okay (it displayed a map, but I didn't do anything after that). Install Modify HTTP Response (GitHub or Thunderbird) and use this as the filter:

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