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New to the forum
New to the forum
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Unread post by Bonzi » 2022-06-30, 14:48

I'm looking for a dedicated lightweight browser to connect to foundry servers but the UI of these servers does not show. <- is such a demo instance. As you can see only the background is visible. The whole ui is missing.

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SyntaxError: missing keyword 'from' after export *  module.mjs:20:9
SyntaxError: bad method definition  foundry.js:53:9
SyntaxError: bad method definition  setup.js:260:9

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Re: [No login box]

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-07-01, 10:42

Hmm.. that's a new one. Probably yet another change to the javascript module handling spec?

Realistically though, if your main focus is advanced and heavy web application use on sites that target Chrome, then Pale Moon or any lightweight browser is probably not going to be suitable for you as those web applications will invariably want the browser to do all the heavy lifting and will expect all the latest bits and bobs to suit their dev decisions. Browser-agnosticism is no longer a thing in 2022 (we all saw that coming).
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