Dictionary not available on Twitch or Discord

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Dictionary not available on Twitch or Discord

Unread post by SorceressEpele » 2022-05-16, 12:49

The textboxes on both Twitch and Discord, both of which use WYSIWYG text boxes, have no option to check spelling. I have dictionaries installed, which work fine on any other site I've tried, but both Twitch Chat and Discord fail to acknowledge these dictionaries which is confirmed by right clicking the text boxes and seeing "Add dictionaries" in the context menu rather than the options to check spelling or switch dictionaries.

This is on Pale Moon 31.0 with no output appearing in the error console or developer console regarding the text boxes. Dictionaries installed are both English - United Kingdom and the supplied United States.

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Re: Dictionary not available on Twitch or Discord

Unread post by Moonchild » 2022-05-16, 16:39

If the websites don't use standard input boxes, then spellchecking may or may not work, depending on what they use instead (like contenteditable elements of an arbitrary type or whatnot, because, you know, input textboxes aren't good enough)
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