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Unread post by xunil76 » 2022-01-14, 18:09

I use WorkFront at my job, and I've noticed recently (over the past few months or so) that certain areas of the site would not load properly and required me to use Chrome to view them (such as the "Updates" tab where users post notes om certain tasks/projects). Until pretty recently, I was not sure why that was occurring; however, now I know that it is because they are completely revamping their interface. As it turns out, you can test the new interface by switching from the old to the new (and back again, if necessary). After switching to the new interface in PM, nothing at all works, all I get is a blank page.

I have already contacted Adobe, and they do not officially support PM, and it doesn't appear they intend to support it anytime I was curious as to whether or not there was anything that could be done from the PM side of things to support their site? I despise Chrome and/or the new Firefox, I'd much rather continue using PM if at all possible.

Here is the page where they list the supported browsers:

Here's a screenshot of what happens when i activate the new interface:
workfront blank.png

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Knows the dark side
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Re: support

Unread post by moonbat » 2022-01-15, 01:47

Opens fine if you enable cookies. Ensure you're not blocking scripts from there, it depends on third party scripts from JQuery (in fact, whitelist in your adblocker). And don't screw with the default user agent, plus let it remain at Firefox compatibility (which is the default, at Tools-Preferences-Advanced-Compatibility).
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Re: support

Unread post by Night Wing » 2022-01-15, 14:30

The site works for me without any problems.

At this time, I'm using the default settings in 64 bit linux Pale Moon 29.4.3 running in 64 bit linux Mint 20.3 (Una) Xfce with uBlock Origin enabled for the site.
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