cannot use gitlab,

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Re: cannot use gitlab,

Unread post by Moonchild » 2024-04-18, 18:40

it seems's default action is to ask users to log in if a project hits a 404. Most likely this is just because they throw a 404 for "protected"/"private" repos and they just wholesale redirect to the login in case a logged in account would grant access. That's probably a specific thing (maybe hinting at it being made administrator-eyes-only by staff or something, and not actually being "gone"...)

This has nothing to do with the cloudlflare challenge though, which sits before all that and is not handled on's server. That challenge passes just fine, by the way, but it may not like your configuration, e.g. if you're blocking scripts or what not.
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Re: cannot use gitlab,

Unread post by frostknight » 2024-04-19, 22:42

Shadow wrote:
2024-04-18, 14:36
Are you referring to the tweet pictured in the article? The article said a DMCA doesn't really make any sense which makes the whole thing look iffy.
To be fair, I agree with that article then. I might care about copyright more from rich people and/or people who were getting their right infringed if they weren't also doing lots of data collection and information selling of that data collection. Capitalist surveillance is evil as is DRM. They make a lot of money that way hence my lack of care when their rights are infringed. They have so many monetary sources
Controlling people is wrong also
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