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[Themes] The following Pale Moon Themes are now products of BinOC

Posted: 2021-10-14, 14:07
by New Tobin Paradigm
SInce Ryan (Lootyhoof) has had to step down from his responsibilities as Add-ons Team Leader and developer of many themes due to personal reasons.. The following Themes as being basically continuations of Mozilla/Firefox themes are now under development by Binary Outcast:
  • Aeromoon
  • Fox 2 The Moon
  • Kempelton Reloaded
  • Modoki Moon
  • Moonfox3
  • Past Modern Revisited
  • and the Qute series
Since I am insanely busy with an ungodly number of things to do I may be slower to respond to issues with themes BUT rest assured I will do my upmost to keep them in reasonable working order as development progresses on the Pale Moon User Interface. As such, I have released an update for Past Modern Revisited that improves several visual aspects when running on Pale Moon. I hope you enjoy them.

For now, this should be the thread to post in for the listed themes not Ryan's original threads.