Interlink MailNews Backend Refresh Testing

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Re: Interlink MailNews Backend Refresh Testing

Post by andy80 » 2019-11-18, 05:21

I tried the linux version and everything seems to be working without issues, with no messages in the error console (except few from the addons, also occurring with the standard version).

The profile is rather old: some mail is dated 2001, and at the time I was using the mailer bundled with Netscape; then I moved it to Thunderbird, followed by FossaMail and now Interlink.
I have 4 POP3S accounts, no news/feeds; storage is by mbox files with mails stored all together in the Local Folders directory, placed outside the profile.

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Re: Interlink MailNews Backend Refresh Testing

Post by New Tobin Paradigm » 2019-11-18, 06:37

Sweet. Thank you!
return NS_OK;

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Re: Interlink MailNews Backend Refresh Testing

Post by back2themoon » 2019-11-20, 21:31

Re-created my profile from scratch with the test version with no extensions (btw clear SSL support in the Account Wizard, as found in Account Settings/Server Settings seems the only thing missing).

The Compact Folders prompt started re-appearing so I'll disable it for good. Not 100% sure, but I think it started after I added my Yahoo IMAP accounts. Also, after performing the 'Compact' and "300MB were saved" (ImapMail folder is less than 30MB), messages got re-downloaded in one Yahoo account on the next startup.